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Give Back Friday 22-27 NOV 🖤

We are re-wording BLACK FRIDAY- by skipping the L in BLACK it turns into BACK and we are doing a Give Back Friday instead - in the BabyMocs store at Skånegatan 53, in Stockholm! Actually the entire week cause we will stay extra open on Sunday.

Black Friday is a conceptualized day (or now more often a whole week or a month) when a large part of the world gathers around mass consumption, excessively produced only to be discounted during a very limited time. We do not want to be a part of that, in any way.

In 2019 and 2020 we closed down our physical store and our online store on Black Friday.  In 2021 we started to feel that we wanted to use this day to try to create a positive impact for someone else rather than letting our store stay closed.

There are almost 3000 homeless individuals, only in Stockholm.
We are heading into the coldest season of the year. We know that many of you might have planned to stock up on winter wear during Black Friday. Take the chance to help someone else while doing it by donating your own winter wear that you do not use any longer.

This week we will have a Give Back Week in the BabyMocs Store starting already tomorrow. We are asking you for help to help.

BabyMocs Give Back Friday (week):

1. Bring a pair of adult winter boots or a winter jacket (they got to be in good condition with maintained warming elements to be used by another person.

2. In return for helping to help we will give you a voucher of 100 SEK that you can use in the BabyMocs Store during this weekend that you can use on things you really need/had planned to buy anyway during this time. Hopefully the 100 SEK can cover your cost to travel to the store if you come from outside the neighbourhood. 

3. If you do not have an extra par of Adult winter shoes or a jacket that you do not need at home you may also donate a pair of children shoes (perhaps an old pair of BabyMocs that is just laying around at home?) that we will donate to Röda Korset.

Please note that we can not take in Children Jackets - only adult jackets.

The adult winter boots and winter jackets will be donated to homeless individuals in Stockholm. The children shoes will be donated to Röda Korset.

The Give Back Friday or week Starts Tuesday 22 Nov at 12 in the BabyMocs Store!





FRIDAY 12-18


SUNDAY 11-16

We will stay for longer if there are still people coming around closing time!
We hope to see you there! ❄️♥️

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Give Back Friday 22-27 NOV 🖤