Our Birth Story

BabyMocs was born from a vision of something far away from vegan children shoes.

BabyMocs is one of the cornerstones of the Swedish company OhHappyDay.
OhHappyDay was founded in November 2018 with one main goal: to create and drive projects aiming at making the world get even happier days.

The first project of OhHappyDay was initiated in December 2018 and is a project where OhHappyDay leads a pilot project in Sweden to try to engage homeless citizens into the labor market via micro jobs. The main reason why a homeless person today can not apply for a job is because he or she lacks a physical address. It is a Moment 22. Without an address the homeless person will never be able to apply for a job and without an income he or she will never be able to apply for an address. We are currently building an app-based platform to allow for homeless to get activated via micro jobs back into the society again. This project needs funding and we quickl realized that the fastest and most reliable way to generate funding to this non-profit project was to set up another project within OhHappyDay that would be able to finance our other non-profit actions. 

One very late night the founder of BabyMocs came across the cutest baby shirt she had ever seen – it was covered with colorful and happy pineapples. The first idea was to order a couple to family and friends babies for Christmas.
What could possibly be cuter than a baby shirt filled with pineapples? There is something very powerful about late nights – it makes your head spin. We knew we needed to set up projects within OhHappyDay that would fund our non-profit projects and allow them to come alive quicker than with public funding.
There are a lot of talented brands on the market producing fun and environmentally friendly clothes but we had yet not heard about a brand producing environmental friendly shoes for children.
What if we could make shoes with this happy pineapple print?
And so it began. We wanted to build a brand that would contribute to a happier world and here we had it: children environmental friendly shoes. We had a gut feeling that if this pineapple print could make us feel this happy it would hopefully make others get happy feelings about it as well. But you know the feeling when all you suddenly can think about is what you just started and you just can not stop yourself from doing some more of it? That is how we felt about this pineapple print shoe. Why only make one shoe when we could set up a couple of different collections?

We sourced, what felt like the entire universe, after environmental friendly fabrics and came across the most wonderful fabric we had never heard about before and ironically enough would work really well with our pineapple shoe idea: pineapple leather.

Pineapple leather is a natural leather alternative made from cellulose fibers extracted from the pineapple´s waste parts - the leaves and the top & bottom of the pineapple. The pineapple industry globally produces 40,000 tons of waste pineapple leaves each year, which before vegan pineapple was invented, was usually left to rot or be burned - causing extensive pollution. Pineapple leather in itself has changed the dynamics for pineapple producers all over the world and has strengthened their income while the pineapple the past years now has been given another area of usage.

BabyMocs was from that night more than just a pineapple children shoe idea and on December 14th we launched BabyMocs – the 1st vegan children shoe brand in Scandinavia.

With BabyMocs we are together as a team allowing for our future generation to wear climate smart options on their feet while helping other people in the society to get back up on their feet again.

Thank you for choosing BabyMocs - for choosing climate kind for the future of our future while at the same time helping people in your nearest society get back up on their feet again.

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